Monday, March 23, 2015

A Brief Rant

Lately I've been going through a bit of a different morning routine.  I get up at 6:00 in the morning to get dressed and then pack Salinger up in the car seat so that she can go to grandma's for daycare during the day.  I take care of this while Jason showers and gets ready for work, and then I come back home to pick him up on our way to the office.  This leaves me with 30 to 40 minutes of time in the car each morning without anyone to talk to, so I listen to the radio.  Typically we listen to the local public radio station in the morning because they play classical music and don't do a lot of talking, but when I'm alone in the car and semi-sleepy, the classical station is too mellow so I usually listen to one of the local top 40 stations.  We have an alternative rock station that we listen to in the afternoons, and they had a morning show changeover in the past couple of years, and I haven't heard the new morning program since it launched because I stopped listening to that station in the morning for a long time.  

The new morning people are basically the same setup as the old morning show, two guys and one girl.  My issue with this new program is that the schtick for this particular show seems to revolve around the girl being a "basic white bitch".  Beyond the fact that it gets old fast, I'm wondering why this is the way for women to make a place for them in morning radio.  Let's self deprecate and dumb ourselves down to being a "basic bitch" so that you can make a place for yourself in this morning show, ignoring the fact that your place is basically to be a punching bag and talk about all of the oh-so-stupid things you do as a woman.  She even sounds stupid.  It drives me insane because all of her talking points and segments on the show in the morning are strictly about celebrity gossip, weighing in on things that other "basic bitches" do, or laughing at herself as she talks about how dumb she is.  Maybe she really is just a dumb woman, I don't know her, but it sucks that the morning show felt they needed a dumb woman to round out their morning team.  

And when did it become a bragging right to be a "basic bitch"?  When did that become something that any woman should be proud of or strive for?  I don't understand.  I would hope my daughter doesn't grow up and list her crowning achievement as being a "basic bitch".  It's like listening to a whole morning show where a girl is playing dumb to get a boy's attention.  Why are we still doing things like this as adults?  It makes me really hate listening to the morning show, because I want to be supportive of women in a male dominated industry, but not when they just get in there and make women sound stupid.  Half of the time when she's talking all I can think is "Wow....she is SO annoying".  But, I guess she's doing something right because she got the job.