Saturday, September 20, 2008

Things You Should Know By The Time You're in College

So, I've observed some things while taking day classes this semester.  One thing I've noticed is that people who are in college are apparently not asked to have any common sense knowledge prior to their admission.  For example, this week I decided to take the elevator to the sixth floor of one of the buildings I take classes in.  I usually take the stairs, but it was so bloody hot in the building that I decided I'd rather not hike up 6 flights of stairs end up sweaty and miserable for a class in an oppressively hot classroom where I'll just get more sweaty and miserable.  So, I hopped in the elevator and hit the button for the sixth floor.  The stupid elevator was already really crowded, and to my dismay, it was crowded with people going up ONE floor.  Seriously, you took the elevator to go up one floor?!  Lazy.  Anyway, the lack of common sense was observed when the doors opened on the 3rd floor and there was a gaggle of people staring into the elevator with very confused looks on their faces.  They were muttering things like "Are you going up or down?"  Ok, the elevator has a direction indicator above it with an arrow that points up or down, depending on which direction the elevator is going.  So, the fact that these people couldn't figure out what the arrow meant made me question how much common sense we're leaving people with these days.  It's an arrow, not rocket science.

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