Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Let The Countdown Begin!

It's coming up on the time of year that I both love and hate. No, not Christmas. It's winding down to the end of my semester at school. I love it, because there's a light at the end of the tunnel and I'm SO CLOSE to being done with my classes and one step closer to being done with school all together (I kick myself every day for procrastinating and not knowing what I wanted to do with my life so that I'm still in school). While this is exciting and rewarding, it also leaves me ripping my hair out as I panic about the amount of work I have due before the semester ends. AHHHH! As of right now I have a 6 to 10 page paper due on Tuesday, which I'm hoping won't be a big deal since it's a literary interpretation of a book of my choice as compared to the novels we've read in class over the semester. Then I have a 20 page paper due for one of my education classes, which is friggin NUTS, but I've got the framework for that done so we'll see how it goes. That's due the 18th. Then I have a homework assignment due on Monday for my Linguistics class, and another due on Tuesday for my other Linguistics class. And, I have a project where I have to write up tests for my assessment class so that I accomplish this CAP thing that's due on the 15th. HOLY COW! Crazy huh? Oh well, soon it'll all be over and I'll have a week of vacation over the holidays and I'm going to be REALLY happy about it.

Then everything starts again on the 5th of January.

Break is ALWAYS too short.

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