Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Today is my Birthday

I will be spending (or have already spent) my birthday doing the following

  • Getting up at o'dark-thirty
  • Going to the high school to observe classes
  • Going to work and staying there until 5
  • Going straight from work to my 5:30 class
  • Staying in class until at least 8:00, but likely later
  • Going home and grabbing things that need to be dropped off at the drama department
  • Going to the high school to drop things off for the show tomorrow, and probably being stuck there until the end of rehearsal trying to make sure everything is in order
  • Going home (likely around 10:00) and trying to find something to eat since dinner is just not going to happen
  • Eating crappy cereal because we have nothing in the house that's quick to make
  • Going to bed
Amended:  We didn't have enough cereal for an actual bowl of cereal, so I had no dinner.  Even better.  I hate birthdays.

Birthdays suck when you're an adult.

1 comment:

analeamaria said...

If I would've known this, I would have brought you something special. ESPECIALLY SINCE WE HAVE CLASS AT THE SAME TIME. Shooot I could've baked you a cake!