Tuesday, June 9, 2009

People in the South are Nuts!

So, now that I have a quick minute to make a real update, I should mention some interesting things that happened on our vacation back at the end of APRIL!  I know!! I am soooo behind.  But, these are so classic that they have to be entered into the blogosphere.  We went down to Disney World during the height of the Swine Flu scare, so that means that we were apparently destined to catch Swine Flu because we were at a tourist attraction where swine flu was running rampant I guess.  The Asian tourists wearing the friggin' surgical masks sure seemed to think so.

On the way to Florida, we stopped in the suburbs of Atlanta for a few days to visit Sara and Jef-f, and while we were there we decided to go to the zoo.  I have no idea why that sounded like a good idea, because it was about 9 million degrees outside and the heat mixing with wonderful aroma of large zoo animals does not make for the most amazing day imaginable, but we went anyway.  One thing we learned very quickly is that 9 million degree weather doesn't just make the animals stink.  Noooo sir, it makes the people stink too, particularly the VERY large man who unwisely decided to wear all black to the zoo on a 9 million degree day.  Seriously, homeboy was pungent.  To the point where school children walked past him and were gagging and holding their noses.  What's worse, when we left the area and moved on to another exhibit and we could smell him approaching before we actually saw him.  It was enough to make you choke, so we ran as far away as possible.  AND, when we ended up at the Lemur exhibit, I got to hear a classic piece of Southern People Crazy.  There were two lemurs cuddled together on a tree facing each other in a hug position as they slept.  This crazy ass woman looks at them and gasps as if it's her job to suck all of the air out of the world and says "I can't believe they're letting those animals live in sin like that!  There are children looking at this and they're just letting them live in sin!  Someone should file a complaint!"  No, I'm not joking.  Crazy bible thumping bitch couldn't handle seeing some lemurs cuddling while they slept.  Personally, I think that if she's worried about them living in sin, she should lobby for lemur marriage rights.  Also, she should be pushed out of a moving car.

So those were some fun stories.  I think that's all I have for right now.  There are other things to blog about, but I should save them for their own blog.  Hopefully, now that I'm almost done with school for the summer, I'll have more time to update.  Keep your fingers crossed, I know you missed me.  

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