Monday, September 17, 2012

It's In The Small Things

There's something about the changeover from Summer to Autumn that I can't seem to get enough of.  I've never enjoyed the heat of summer, even though I love the longer days and lazy pace that summer brings.  I feel like everything moves slower in the summer out of necessity, because it's simply too hot to be quick about anything.  Something about Autumn is motivating.  It's a time to get back outdoors, when the weather is still lovely enough to enjoy without being too cold, and to enjoy the last bit of good weather before we begin bracing ourselves for the snow and gray skies of winter.  September this year has brought warm days and cool nights, and just enough crispness in the air so far that we can begin to look forward to sweaters and hot cider.  This time of year makes me notice and appreciate all of the little things that make life enjoyable.  Cool nights mean it's no longer unbearable to bake treats at night, so the house has been filled with the smell of cookies, and soon it will be muffins and coffee cakes and comfort foods.  Apples are back in season and they never seem to taste as crisp and delicious any other time of year.  Cider and pumpkins will soon be filling stores.  I've got plans to buy new candles for the house so that it will smell like cinnamon and apple all the time.  

On top of that, this time of year makes me appreciate small comforts.  Fluffy towels right out of the dryer, fresh bed sheets, the warm glow of a room lit by lamps, enjoying a lazy Sunday spent reading a book, freshly polished floors, a hot cup of tea in a heavy stoneware mug, a rack of clean dishes with a clean kitchen and hooded sweatshirts.  Small things that add up to little pieces of happiness that can get you through the day.  I often come off as someone with high expectations, but most of the time it's the little details that really matter to me.  It's never the large gifts that make the most difference.  It's the little every day things that matter, the things that I enjoy most.  Time spent with this strange, unconventional little family that we've created in this hodge podge of a house, that has been a highlight of my year so far.  I think that most of the time, we have to create our own happiness, so I'm glad that I can take so much joy in such small details of my life, however briefly they may last.

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