Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dear Warner Bros.

Are you trying to ruin my life? I'm not saying that I'm so egotistical that I would believe that you read my previous post about having very little to look forward to in the way of movie releases until November when Harry Potter comes out and that you would move a movie premier simply to screw with my life but feels like ya did! I'm so incredibly disappointed right now. I am a very sad and lame person, which I openly admit, and I have very little to look forward to in my life when you stop to think about it, and this movie was one of those few things I had to look foward to. I mean, I understand that you guys have pretty much nothing to release next summer because of the writer's strike, but that whole strike thing was kind of your fault so why are you punishing fans for your mistakes? I get it, your fiscal 2009 is going to look as sad and pathetic as my life when compared to the million billion trillion dollars that The Dark Knight brought you, but that's not our fault. That's your fault for not making more awesome movies and keeping your writers happy. So, I'm pissed that you took my Harry Potter away from me. I'm more pissed that you took away my plans for my 10 year anniversary date, which was going to be dinner and Harry Potter. I don't think you realized that some (lame) people plan their whole autumn around this. And then, on top of it, you leave a release slot open for fucking Twilight to slip into? You are on notice for that one.

And then, to add insult to injury, you don't even warn Entertainment Weekly that you're changing the date in time for them to pull this cover:

So I'm taunted by the memory of the happiness I had planned, and I get to read a nice little article about how awesome the movie is going to be just to wait nearly an entire year to see it. You bastards.

Warner Bros. = Dead to me

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Anonymous said...

I say America, nay. . .the WORLD should boycott Harry Potter next summer and make WB eat their words and their decision to postpone. BASTARDS. I won't see. I won't let them have my 6-10 dollars or even my 2 if I see it at the cheap theater!!