Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Desk Is Old And Moldy

So our office is currently going through this process of moving people into different cubicles to consolidate teams and get people who work together closer to one another so they can collaborate more easily. Well, today was day two of the moves and one of the buyers who sits near me started clearing her things out of her cubicle and her desk. Everything was fine until she went to move her computer. Underneath the computer was a copius layer of black mold. Like, makes you sick, awful, potentially deadly black mold. SO FRIGGIN GROSS!! It was all over her desk and the bottom of her computer, and when it was unearthed, it released a smell that I'd never care to experience again. Suddenly things snapped into place a bit. She's been sick for three or four months straight, and it's seriously everything you would get if you were exposed to black mold, except for the bleeding lungs and death. But you know, the rest of it. And, the guy who sits on the other side of her was having problems too. OH MY FRIGGIN GOD! We've all been working with a toxic substance and didn't even know it. ACK!

Makes me wonder if the plague that hit the office last winter was somehow related. You never know....

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Bobby G said...

Thats AWFUL! I bet you it did have something to do w/ the work HIV last year, Crazy!