Monday, January 10, 2011

I Excel At Being Unproductive

In update to Friday's big "I need a project" blog, would you like to know what I accomplished this weekend? Nothing. Nope. I went to a game night on Friday night and by the time I got home and had walked the dogs, I realized I felt like a zombie and my sinuses suddenly felt like they might explode. This carried over into a super pleasant Saturday morning wake up where I realized I felt like junk. But, being the trooper that I am, I popped some cold pills like an addict and took my dogs out to play in the exercise yards at the dog kennel my friend Scott works for. So we stood out in the cold for a little over an hour watching the dogs chase each other and play fetch and then we packed them back into the car and dropped them at home where they passed out hard core and Sam didn't even have the energy to get into the trash while we were gone. Excellent. Then there was the Cadee Bug's first birthday party where we had cake and ice cream and watched her coat herself in a pretty hefty layer of bubble gum pink frosting, as you can see here.

By the time I got home, I wanted to DIE. STUPID COLD. First world problems, I know, but I had planned on being productive and cleaning up the house that evening. Instead I laid on the couch watching How To Train Your Dragon and the crappy GI Joe movie. First movie, excellent, second movie kinda ridiculous. Then I fell asleep in a cold medicine haze and woke up at 11:00 on Sunday feeling marginally better. But Sunday brings its own chores like laundry, grocery shopping etc. so I got nothing done other than the standard Sunday chores before we had to go to my dad's birthday party where we discovered that grandpa's don't get cake when there are babies around.
Then we went to see "The King's Speech" with Jeff and Chrissy and by the time we got home the night was pretty much all tied up and I reflected on the fact that I got nothing done all weekend. Well, that's not entirely true, I did make a batch of pizza dough so we'd be able to make dinner tonight before the school board meeting, but that was about it. I had at least intended to go pick up some paint chips to tape on the walls in the bedroom and bathroom so that I could get a better idea of what colors I really wanted to do when we eventually paint the place, but I didn't even do that. Plus, I'm not entirely sure Jason is convinced about this painting thing. I may have to work that angle a bit more before I can start busting out some rollers. But first I need to get rid of this stupid cold. STUPID COLD!

So for those of you who were talking about how I'm too motivated and all of that, well.....apparently I'm all talk. Maybe I'll change my mind next weekend. We'll see how it goes.

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