Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Places I'd Love To Go But Probably Never Will

Ok, well, by London I mean the entire UK in general.  My friend Jeff is from the UK and he's pretty cool, so the place can't be all bad right? England produced Shakespeare, Lewis Carroll, The Beatles, Monty Python and Eddie Izzard.  What wouldn't make me want to go there?  I mean, it seems like the country that is quite possibly made of awesome!

I know it's so cliche, but it's beautiful and romantic and seriously, how many movies are made about Paris?  I want to go and pretend that I'm the leading lady in the movie of my life.  Yes, I realize how lame that makes me sound, but I don't care.  Also they make the most fabulous awesome amazing pastries, which is good because Becky loooooves yummies.  Plus, I want to see Versailles, I want to see the French countryside, and I want to ride a train so I can obnoxiously quote the movie French Kiss to Jason.

I want to see the ruins in Rome before they know, fall down and stuff.  Rome has tons of history and sculpture and architecture, all of which I'm sure are fabulous and beautiful and I want to see them in person.  I also want to walk around telling Jason to call me Spartacus the whole time we're there.  Yes, I am the tourist that people hate.  Oh, I wouldn't say things like that while in public, but I'm pretty sure that deep down, everyone would know.

If I'm going to be in Italy, I should go experience the Tuscan lifestyle right?  I mean look at this landscape, it's stunning!  It's full of vineyards and rolling hills, and I don't even like wine but I would drink it while I was there because it seems like it might be some sort of insult not to.  I think it'd be awesome to ride a bike through some of the villages and just take in the atmosphere.  I dunno, it just looks peaceful to me.

Everyone tells me that Venice is stinky and kind of yucky, but I don't care.  I want to ride in a gondola and take pictures of the city and I'll be sure to go sometime when it's semi-cold weather so it won't be too terribly stinky.  I think it's just one of those things that you have to do and then if you hate it you never have to do it again because you got to do it once.  Kind of like climbing to the top of the Statue of Liberty.

To be honest, I can't tell you why I want to go to Vienna.  I saw teams go there on The Amazing Race and it looked really beautiful so I thought it might be nice to go and take in the city and maybe discover something I didn't know about it prior to going there.  Or, maybe I'll just hang out and be a tourist or something.  

Every picture I see of this place is gorgeous.  It's got amazing views, it's got the ocean, crazy architecture with buildings stacked on top of each other, built on cliffs and mountains.  It looks amazing, and again the whole island gives off this impression of tranquility when you see it in pictures.  Maybe it sucks, but I'd kind of like to see it with my own eyes.

I think Japan is one of those really beautiful countries that is at a crossroads between becoming a very modern nation and yet wanting to cling to it's really rich and amazing history.  I think that's really amazing and I'd love to go and experience some of that history and some of the tradition that they have managed to hold onto in an ever-changing world and an ever-changing society.  It seems like it would be really exciting.

Umm....LOOK AT IT!  'Nuff said.


Heather said...

Most of your list is on my list too. I want authentic Chinese food from China too. And I have this odd desire to visit Moscow and talk in a bad Russian accent (think Sean Connery in Hunt for Red October).

Analea said...

Lewis Carroll was a pedo!

Bobby G said...

Venice...word,,,Also Ireland!

Becky said...

Sorry Analea, maybe I should have picked a different author. It was late, I was blanking. I would have said Dickens but uhh....his books are kind of long and dull. Phillip Pullman maybe?

Jason said...

Did Connery actually use an accent in that movie other than his own?? If he did... could have fooled me! But Moscow would be cool, I hear their subway stations are like palaces... literally, with gold and stuff. And Yeah, Ireland, you forgot about that.

And, I promise to always wake up on the wrong side of the train... even if you like the cheese.

Amy W. said...

Watching The Amazing Race makes me want to go a LOT of places I never realized I wanted to go.