Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bookin' It

So, I love books.  It's one of those little addictions I have, like buying bed comforters and messenger bags.  But, no addiction tops the addiction to books.  To prove my point, here's my bookcase:

That's about half of what I own.  Maybe less than half.  Anyway, I have this thing for books.

So, I've been hearing a ton of buzz about this young adult series called Twilight that's selling like mad lately, and I got curious so I picked up the entire series before I went on vacation.

Now, don't get me wrong, I thought these books were fun beyond reason.  They were frivolous and didn't require a ton of thought or analysis for enjoyment.  That being said, I want to know why there aren't any strong willed women in young adult fiction.  Honestly.  The main character in these books is sort of whiny and uncannily weak willed.  She falls apart entirely at the first sign of heartbreak.  What?!  I mean, I understand that the book is about a vulnerable teenage girl, and that the weakness is probably supposed to be a device to make the male character seem even stronger and more dashing, but honestly?  The best teenage girls can hope to have as a literary role model is some vapid, whining girl who falls apart completely?  I get it, they were supposed to be madly in love, soul mates, whatever, but then shouldn't she have the strength to fight for this guy?  Shouldn't she stand up for herself and say "No, you don't get to just walk away"?  It just makes me crazy.  I'm sure the weakness really adds to the appeal of Edward, who is dashing and is the sort of fictitious character who sweeps girls off their feet.  It also kind of gives girls that impression that love is supposed to be undying devotion, flowery words and not much else.  That's kind of sad, since anyone who really experiences love knows that so much more than undying devotion or flowery words, and it rarely happens overnight.  I guess I just wish this girl in these books was a little more empowered and a little less damsel in distress.

Not that any of that is going to stop me from buying the last book in August.


Anonymous said...

I think we need to get a comforter case as well as a book case.

Amy W. said...

Ha, I actually have a twilight post myself. I got addicted as well. And there is no way to describe it without sounding like an idiot.

Mary said...

And Nick thinks I have too many books!! Well actually..if mine were all in one spot....
hmm yea

pinkmomy71@hotmail.com said...

You hit it right on with your description of the Twilight series. They were entertaining but..... I won't read them over and over.