Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It's Reality In Your TV

Has anyone else seen the promos for this show?  I saw a commercial about it and thought it was a hilarious concept.  Basically, they take a ton of teenage couples, who all think they're ready for children, and then they actually give them children.  I know right?!  So they set these couples up in their own house where they have to pay all of their bills as well as cover expenses for caring for the child and themselves on one job that pays $100 per day.  Then they stick them with kids.  They go through stages where they get kids from different age groups.  They take care of infants, toddlers, pre-teens, teenagers and then the elderly.  Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen doesn't it?  That's because IT IS!!  Oh my gosh!  I was flipping channels last week and came across the first episode in the series, and I was hooked.  No joke.  I was eating this show up with a spoon.  They did two back to back episodes and I didn't move from my couch for two hours.

Ignoring that little confession on how truly lazy I am, I'm going to say that I have never been so into a reality show in my life.  I mean, I could have done better than these people when I was between 16 and 18.  Did none of them have younger siblings?  Did these girls never babysit?  You'd think a child was some sort of alien being beamed to the planet just recently.  Even just common sense things like putting a baby into pajamas if you want to put it to bed were beyond these teens.  Plus, who the heck lets some teenagers take care of their kid for 3 days?  What kind of crazy parent goes "Hey, these people want us to give up our infant to a couple of inexperienced teens for three days.  Let's do it!"?  Sure, they can monitor what's going on, but still.  If that teen leaves the room and your toddler pulls a dresser onto themselves, then no amount of monitoring from across the street is going to fix that.

So yes, I'm confessing my own guilty little pleasure here.  I don't usually watch a lot of reality TV but this show is gold!  I find it 100% hilarious, and I hope it gives these stupid teenage girls who think they're ready for kids a little bit of perspective.  The whole show is the greatest form of birth control ever.  Even I'm sitting here going "Wow....I don't even think I'm ready for this stuff".

And it's being recorded by my Tivo right now, so I'm going to go watch some teens have meltdowns that rival the toddlers they're taking care of.

How beautiful is the weather in Michigan right now?  Today the high was about 85 degrees, but there's been this great breeze, the skies are blue and it's made me want to be outside all day.  I love it!

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Anonymous said...

Well, really it's no different than extended baby sitting. I mean none of the kids are like 3 weeks old or anything. So really I don't think it's a big deal that they're letting someone else watch the kids.

It is a great show, and I hope these kids think twice before having kids at such a young age and with no means to support them. Kids aren't cheap and people need to think ahead!